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Chestnut Trees for Sale

We have the best selection of chestnut tree cultivars available in North America. Starting the first week in December, we will start shipping bare root chestnut trees. Many of our chestnut tree cultivars have special characteristics that bring European and Asian chestnut traditions to North American.

If you are looking for some pure American chestnut trees we have about 200 in stock (both grafted and seedlings). See below for a list of cultivars and prices.

Here is a list of some of the chestnut cultivars we are offering:

Basalta #3 - Mid season ripening large nuts - pollen producer $23.00/tree
Belle Epine - Late ripening large nuts - pollen producer $23.00/tree
Bouche de Betizac - Early ripening very larg nuts - pollen sterile $23.00/tree
Colossal - Early ripening very large nuts - pollen sterile $23.00/tree
Maraval - Late season large nuts, upright vigorous tree pollen producer $23.00/tree
Marigoule - Mid season large very sweet easy to peel nuts $23.00/tree
Precoce Migoule - Early large one of our best nuts, pollen producer $23.00/tree
Regina Montis - Early producer of very sweet, medium sized nuts. The nuts fall free of the burr and fall the 3rd week of October. High growth vigor - can grow 4 to 5 feet a year with an average branch spread. Pollen producer. $29.00/tree
Regis Montis - Early producer (in the 3rd fall after planting) of high quality, easy to peal, sweet, medium sized chestnuts. Grows tall fast, like a timber type of chestnut tree. Nuts fall free of the burr during the second and third weeks of October. Pollen producer. $29.00/tree
Seedling of European Chestnut $9.00/tree
Seedling of American Chestnut $9.50/tree
We have more chestnut tree cultivars available. Our order form has every type of chestnut tree we propagate.

For a full discussion of the different chestnut tree cultivars visit our page dedicated to Chestnut Cultivarswhere specific details of each type chestnut tree. Aside from just reviewing the cultivars you should also read information about pollination requirements of producing chestnuts of chestnut trees. If you need a little more help selecting chestnut trees our page on grouping chestnut tree cultivars by characteristics chestnut growers ask for can be helpful.

We will have chestnut tree scion wood for sale starting in Januray, 2011. Each stick has an average of 5 buds per stick. You must graft this onto a chestnut tree. No other trees are compatible. From initial graft to producing the first chestnuts is 3-4 years. Full production is 12-20 years depending growing conditions. There are many web sites that can aid you with learning how to graft. In a study conducted in 2010 on our farm, the cleft grafting technique provides the best results with chestnut trees. Make sure the day time temps are at least 70 degrees and the chestnut trees are actively growing (first true leaves are fully extended from the branch).

You can phone us to place your order (phone 360-966-7158). We accept most major credit cards.


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Chestnut Seedling Prices

1 year old bare root seedlings.
American Chestnut $9.00/ea
European Hybrid Chestnut $8.50/ea
Ships January - March