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Chapter 4: Tree and Orchard Maintenance

Chestnut trees and orchards require lots of maintenance. Tasks range from simply removing the suckers from the tree trunks to pest and weed control. Some tasks can be as simple as examining the chestnut trees regularly for possible problems. Some tasks such as figuring out what fertilizer to use, how much needs to be applied, and at what times can be overwhelming since there is little help in these areas. This chapter is broken down into several different pages to help organize the amount of information. Each page is focused on a single task that is part of the overall task of the chestnut orchard maintenance.

Orchard Maintenance Tasks

Soil and Leaf Samples
Using Nitrogen in Chestnut Orchards
Pruning and Forming Trees
How Chestnut Trees Talk to Us
Weed Control
Orchard Grass Maintenance
Chestnut Flower Pollination
Rodent and Other Pest Control
Insect Control
Damaged Chestnut Trees

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