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Chapter 6: Other Grafting Methods

Chestnut trees can be grafting using several standard grafting methods such as T-budding, whip and tongue graft, cleft, and bark graft. There are many excellent guides to grafting available from university extension offices. There is no need to duplicate what they have already done. What is important is what grafting methods work best with chestnuts and how to prepare and care for the grafted chestnut trees.

There are two very important issues with grafting chestnut trees. The first is that chestnut trees are normally only grafted to a seedling of the same cultivar. This is because chestnut trees are very suseptable to graft failure when using different cultivars for the seedling and the scion wood. The other issue is the weather. If the day time temperatures are not reaching into the 70's degrees F then the graft is a lot less likely to take.

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